Is it right to massage plantar fasciitis?

It is good to have a foot rub which helps a little to heal the pain. However, massage therapy is one of the least effective of the standard treatments for plantar fasciitis. The center of the arch muscles feels good to massage, producing a small ache from a little pressure of the thumb at that point. When someone else does it for you, any massage will help feel better, and especially foot massage will lead the top of the various massage lists in this context.

When an experienced therapist gives you a foot massage, it is much better. Reflexology, which is nothing but neurological and energetic connections between each part of the sole and every other region, and the body, is another reason why we feel foot massage is not only useful for plantar fasciitis, but also all parts of the body.

Trigger point massage therapy is right as it can probably relieve some pain primarily and safely. Massage therapy aids in loosening tight muscles and encourages relaxation. Direct plantar fascia massages with little pressure directly applied to the source of pain will help reduce tension and induce relaxation which in turn will minimize the pain. Massages also increases the blood circulation to the affected areas of plantar fascia due to the pressure of the thumb, which reduces the stiffness, swelling, increases the lymph fluid circulation, and upgrades the oxygen intake of the muscles in that area.

The massage therapy also will release the pain-killing hormones. When all the toxic hormones are relieved from the body, the body will start to heal physically and emotionally and be relieved from pain. Regular massages to the feet adds up rich blood supply to the tired feet after prolonged use and promotes healing.