Is it possible to prevent sciatica?

Sciatica may or may not recur, and prevention is not always possible. But you can always protect your back using the following methods:

  • Special attention needs to be paid to the core muscles to keep the back strong. For proper posture and alignment, the abdominal and lower back muscles are important. You can request your doctor to suggest specific exercises.
  • It is very important to maintain proper posture while being seated. Lower back support, armrests, and a swivel base are to be looked for in a seat. You could place a cushion or a rolled towel behind you to maintain the normalcy of the curve. The knees and the hips must be on the same level.
  • To correct your bad posture or to keep up your good posture, you can use a “posture corrector brace.”
  • It is important to follow good body mechanics. After long hours of standing, rest the feet on an elevated surface. While lifting something heavy, make sure that the lower part does the work. The back must be straight, and only the knees must be bent. The load must be held close to the body. Do not lift and twist at the same time. Do not lift the weight alone if it is too heavy.