How to sleep with sciatica?

A few changes and tips will help you have a good night’s sleep:

  1. A good mattress can guarantee you better sleep. A mattress is not the source of sciatic problems, but a bad mattress can worsen it. A safe and excellent option is an orthopedic bed if sciatica is giving you sleepless nights. Certain mattresses like memory foam mattresses tend to lose their form quickly and do not provide support to the spine. It is advisable to avoid them.
  2. With Sciatica, it will be relieving to have your spine, hips, and pelvis aligned. Hence a body pillow can be of great help, especially if you are sleeping on your side. If not, a normal pillow between the knees can also provide relief.
  3. If it helps, you can keep your knees at an elevated level. You can use pillows below your knees and continue adding more until you come to a comfortable position.
  4. When pillows don’t work, you can use a tennis ball too. Place it on the side you don’t want to sleep on. This will prevent you from switching sides while you sleep.
  5. Always lie on your back with knees raised above. If this is not comfortable, you can sleep in the side position
  6. It is important to train your body clock. To do this, you must got to  sleep and wake up every day at the same time. This will also result in good sleeping habits.
  7. The worst sleeping position is to lie on your stomach and turn your face towards one side. This will not just spoil the natural curvature of the spine but will also strain the neck.
  8. You can avoid unwanted suffering and strain in the neck by investing in a good quality neck pillow that is supportive. This will lead to a more comfortable sleeping position.
  9. Some of the best sleeping positions are as follows. You may try one of them as they will work well for those who suffer from lower back pain:
    1. Sleeping with a pillow between the legs
    2. Sleeping in the fetal position
    3. Sleeping with a pillow under the abdomen