Can sitting on the toilet cause sciatica?

If you have the habit of sitting on the toilet for a prolonged period and read a newspaper or magazine, it can lead to sciatica pain. Leading spine specialists from around the globe say that this action can put a lot of pressure on the nerve, which can cause irritation and swelling. And, sitting on the toilet can cause this, especially if the toilet seat has a hard surface.

Most of the people tend to assume a certain pose which is called leaned forward pose. This normally worsens the situation because it adds more pressure on the nerve.

While being seated, exerts a lot of pressure on the discs. A prolonged period of sitting combined with an already existing disc abnormality can worsen the condition.

Slowly, while being seated, you will experience a shooting pain, numbness, and electric shock-like pain. If one already suffers from disc abnormality and he/she experiences pain while being seated on the toilet seat, it is strongly advised to avoid sitting for long periods on the toilet seat. In case, you must spend a long time on the toilet seat, you can provide relief to your affected leg by lifting it often.