Why do I have pain in the arch of my foot?

Arch pain is a foot problem that many people face. It often affects the athletes, but strangely, it can also occur in people who do not do much of physical activity. There are many causes for your arch pain. Arch pain may be due to the injury in muscles or bones, ligaments or tendons, and sometimes even the nerve injuries can account for arch pain. The arch pain can also be due to the structural issues in the feet, which get aggravated by aging, gaining weight, some neurological conditions, and physical stresses.

Plantar fasciitis is the commonly reported cause of arch pain. Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD) is an adult acquired flat foot, which is due to an injury in the tendon. This can also cause pain in the arch and calf muscles. Over-pronation is the unusual and unhealthy way of moving your foot that causes the stress on the foot and arch. In due course, over-pronation will injure the muscles and tendons, thereby causing pain in the arch. To overcome the pain in the arch of your foot, you can opt for wearing orthopedic inserts or braces that can relieve your pain.