What is wrong when the bottom of your foot hurts?

Foot pain is generally widespread. If you have pain prolonging for over a week or more, then there are chances that you might be suffering from plantar fascia. Various factors like continuous stress can easily infiltrate to the foot, the weight of your body, wrong walking posture, etc.

The plantar fasciitis is an irritation or generally an inflammation in the band tissues of your foot connecting the toes and heels. If your foot hurts as soon as you get up or due to continuous walking, there are significant chances that you might be suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Fortunately, you can get solutions to get rid of this pain. Wear plantar fasciitis night splints, wear a right shoe with a proper sole and supporting cushion, or opt for an orthotic. Other than plantar fascia, you can also see other common reasons like bone injuries, muscular spasms, nerve problems or age-related ailments for your foot pain.