What does plantar fasciitis pain feel like?

When you have plantar fasciitis, you will always feel pain within the bottom of the heel or the arch of the foot. Some people describe the pain as feeling like a bruise or just a dull ache. The pain tends to vanish gradually once you start walking around or engage yourself in some physical activity. With continuing walking, the pain could come back, however sometimes; it would go away once you get enough rest.

If the swollen plantar fascia has irritated a nerve within the foot, pain could radiate into the ankle joint from the middle of the arch. In the early stages of plantar fasciitis, the pain could get away quickly once you took the weight off of your foot. On the other hand, with the passage of time, it should take an extremely long time for the pain to go away completely. Without any treatment, the plantar fascia can eventually tear and get partly removed from the heel. The body fills the torn space with many calcium ions. This eventually becomes a bone and is termed a heel spur. This bone spur can also induce pain in the foot while walking or resting.