Is plantar fasciitis serious?

Yes, plantar fasciitis can become somewhat dangerous if it is chronic. Plantar fasciitis can be more stubborn and can prevent you from your tracks of daily routines, destabilize your fitness and general health, and haul on for years. Untreated plantar fasciitis can be more serious.

The hallmark of plantar fasciitis – the first steps are in the morning when your foot has significant shooting pain and makes you limp. The pain, which is concerted where the heel meets the arch of the foot, is the most painful in the morning because the ligaments stiffen and fluid accumulates at the inflamed area while you sleep. This persisting pain subsides after you walk around for a few minutes, but a dull ache continues as you continue your daily routine, especially after you have been sitting or standing for a long time and in many cases will affect your activities of the day.

As the initial pain is easy enough to be ignored because it eases out when the day progresses, it is not advisable to leave it not attended. If you leave it untreated, the symptoms can change, with the pain deepening and lasting beyond the morning. At this stage, the condition will transform from acute inflammation to a chronic issue. Wherein the scar tissue will block the healing process. It’s better to look into the issue at the initial stage of the pain than ignoring it until it gets chronic.