How do I treat arch pain?

Arch pain can be treated in the home initially by doing some changes to your lifestyle. If it is chronic, then medication and other treatments are needed in addition to home remedies. When you first experience the pain, rest your foot and take a break from work that you do that could be stressing your foot. You may need to avoid exhausting activities for a few days or longer if the pain persists.

Apply ice in a bag and put it on top of  your foot for 10 to 15 minutes twice a day, until the pain gets reduced. The golf ball can be rolled using the foot to give relief to the arch. Stretching calves can also help in relieving the extreme pain and tightness of muscles in the arch. You can go for over-the-counter arch supports and supportive shoes to reduce the pain, and to prevent further injuries. Medication may also help reduce inflammation and pain. Avoid walking barefoot as it may aggravate the pain and make your condition worse.