How can someone prevent plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis may be a runner's worst nightmare. It’s a notoriously stubborn condition that will strike an individual as the thick band of fibers, which runs along the lower part of the foot, becomes inflamed. It usually starts as a minor irritation; however will advance and be converted into a sidelining injury, mainly if it isn't treated promptly or accurately. Whether or not you've got recovered from the condition recently or haven't had it, it's critical to follow some steps to stop future injury, particularly if you're at risk.

Visit a store for shoes that support the arches of your feet and supply enough cushion for your heel. Exercises to strengthen the legs and ankles, and plantar fascia and Achilles’ tendon specific stretches can help prevent the condition. Also, make sure to use heat massages properly and avoid increasing the active levels too quickly. For runners, it's suggested not to increase mileage by over ten percent per week.