How can I treat plantar fasciitis at home?

You may need 6 to 12 months for the foot to be healthy again when you get affected by plantar fasciitis. However, you can get relief by trying the following tips at your home:

  • Rest: Rest your foot for a long time until the inflammation is reduced. You can keep your foot in a raised level with two or three pillows under your feet and lie down.
  • Ice Massage: The most comfortable way to treat plantar fasciitis at home is through an ice massage. This can be done in two to three different ways:
    • Keep ice cubes with some frozen vegetables in plastic bags and massage the most affected part for about ten to twenty minutes at a time for four to five times. This will help reduce inflammation and pain quickly.
    • Keep ice water in a tub and soak your heels in it. Take caution that toes are not getting wet. This can be done for ten to fifteen minutes three to four times a day.
    • Put some ice cubes in a plastic bag and roll it on your heels up and down, and sideways for fifteen minutes.
  • Exercises: If you practice some stretching exercise, for parts like calves, tendons, etc. you can make your foot feel stronger. Stretching exercises for your calves; Achilles’ tendon, and foot can make your foot stronger and reduce the swelling inflammation and pain. Continuing exercises for more than a month daily can keep you away from plantar fasciitis recurrence.
  • Athletic Tape: You can also go for Athletic tape to support your foot and keep movements restricted, thereby reducing plantar fasciitis inflammation.
  • Shoe inserts: These are available over the counter and can be very helpful to reduce your pain as they give you extra cushion and additional support.
  • Heel cups: The heel cups will help elevate your heel in order to relieve tension, and also to provide an extra cushion.
  • Night splints: Night splints that that can be worn while sleeping will help keep your feet at 90 degrees.
  • Walking cast: Your physician might suggest you a walking cast known as “controlled ankle motion walker.” However, this will be prescribed only when all the other above-mentioned treatments have failed.