Pain Relieving Exercises for Umbilical Hernia

exercise for a hernia

Umbilical Hernia Exercises

Basically, an umbilical hernia is a result of excessive pressure felt in your abdominal region, especially near to your belly button. As a result of the excessive pressure, your intestines will protrude through a weakened abdominal wall, thereby, causing it to swell and hurt.

Some of the possible causes of an umbilical hernia are:[1]

  • Heavy lifting
  • Excessive coughing
  • Obesity
  • Multiple pregnancies

Although some cases of a hernia would require a surgery, there are a few other ways to reduce it. The best way to witness a quick healing is to use an Everyday Medical  hernia belt that is specially designed to provide support to the weakened abdominal muscles. You can wear these belts comfortably under your clothing and hence, it happens to be the best solution for dealing with an umbilical hernia.

You can also try out an exercise to treat your umbilical hernias. Find out the steps below:

exercise for a hernia

Step #1:

As a first step, you need to do the boat pose as referred in yoga. For this, start by sitting on the floor with the legs extended in front of you. Keep your hands under your thighs and slowly raise your legs in the direction of your chest. While doing so, make sure to keep your legs straight. Hold on this position for about ten seconds and release. Now, restore your original position. This particular work out will work your core muscles.

For Best Results:

Do this every day for at least five to ten repetitions.

Step #2:

As a second step, lie on the slant board, which will lift your feet higher than the head, thus removing the excess pressure as your work out. On the slant board, you are suggested to do bicycle leg moves by raising your legs in the direction of the chest. Now, start pedaling the legs by holding the sides to balance yourself.[2]

For Best Results:

Do this at least three times a week for about ten to fifteen minutes.

Step #3:

exercise for a hernia

For the third step, you must lie with your back on the floor with the legs bent at 90 degrees. Now, turn the bent legs to the right side until they reach the floor while keeping the back rigidly on the ground. Hold on this position for about five to ten seconds and restore the original position. Then, repeat on the left side. This workout will help stretch your abdominal muscles, thereby making them more flexible. This would prevent them from getting weakened by pressure.

For Best Results:

Do this stretch daily.

Step #4:

For the fourth step, exercise proper breathing while doing any workout. By proper breathing, we mean breathing from the abdomen instead of the chest. This will help raise the diaphragm and release any excess abdominal pressure.

Tips to Remember:

Don’t lose your patience when you are dealing with an umbilical hernia. Hernias are caused by the weakened abdominal muscles and hence, your goal should be to offer those weakened muscles the time to regain their strength, thus becoming able to decrease a hernia.[3]

Warnings and Precautions:

Remember, exercises will not always mend a hernia. In some rare cases, a surgery will be required to push back the hernia. So, you are advised to talk to your doctor regarding the best treatment for your case before starting any exercise program.






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