Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Myths versus Facts

carpal tunnel syndrome myths facts

Myths and the Truth about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

In this modern era, most of the people are becoming the victim of carpal tunnel syndrome, which causes numbness, and tingling effect in the arm and hand. However, this disease is also caused by a compressed nerve, which is further defined as a narrow tunnel or passageway on the palm side of the human wrist. In addition to this, the anatomy of the wrist, repetitive hand movements or motions, and health issues also contribute to the carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

When not treated well, the impacts of the carpal tunnel will increase more and more in the human body, and moreover, will impose severe pain and may result in the deadness of nerves. Thus, it is important to treat this disease well in time before things move out of your hand and vision. Are you wondering how to detect this deadly disease, carpal tunnel syndrome? Do you even know what the causes this dangerous syndrome?

No doubt, carpal tunnel condition is mostly occurring in the hands, but, still, there are other familiar conditions of this disorder, which causes soreness, hand pain, and itchiness, and also lead to poor circulation and movements of the nerve.  So, instead of ignoring the carpal tunnel syndrome, have a look at the causes and symptoms, and moreover, learn some myths and facts about this pernicious ailment.[1]

Causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The harsh reality is carpal tunnel syndrome occurs due to heavy pressure on the median nerve. With the rise in pressure and loads on the median nerve, an itchy sensation is being produced on the palm side of your thumb as well as fingers, which don't reach to the little finger. However, there are several other factors, which are also associated with the carpal tunnel syndrome, and moreover, increase the chances of aggravating or developing median nerve injury and damage. Have a glance at some of the most critical carpal tunnel syndrome causes.

  • Anatomic factors:
  • Wrist fracture, arthritis, and dislocation of bones sometimes lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Obesity:
  • Obese people are more prone to this disease.

  • Sex:
  • This disease is quite common among women.

  • Workplace pressure:
  • People who are working with vibrating tools and computers for a prolonged time period by twisting their wrist repetitively may develop this harmful ailment on their median nerve.

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Causes

  • Nerve-damaging issues:
  • Chronic illness like diabetes is one of the major factors why people are getting the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.  

  • Change in the balance of fluids present in the body:
  • Fluid retention factor is also responsible for this virulent syndrome, which mostly causes irritation in the median nerve. However, this condition mainly during pregnancy as well as menopause time.

  • Other vital factors:
  • Kidney failure, and thyroid disorders.

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms

    The carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms usually start slowly, and the very first symptom that people can notice is numbness in the thumb, middle and index finger. After this, the discomfort level will increase to a certain extent in the palm and wrist side of the hand. Do you think these are only a few signs to detect carpal tunnel syndrome? The story is still ready to reveal all the secrets. Have patience!

    • Weakness: Often, people experience weakness in the hand as well as develop a tendency to drop the objects unknowingly.
    • Tingling effects: Sometimes, when you will feel an electric shock in the middle, index, thumb and ring fingers of your hands, then immediately become alert. The numbness in the hands will further clarify that you are dealing with the carpal tunnel syndrome.
    • Enhancement of the pain when you will try to move or twist your hand
    • Pain all around the palm expect little finger
    • More numbness during the night time than the day
    • Facing trouble while making a grip to hold the objects

    Instead of learning and understanding these factors mentioned above and symptoms, people believe in some myths, which are not at all true in today's date, especially for the carpal tunnel syndrome. There are no such medical confirmations on those myths, which people are taking for granted.

    Myths versus Facts about the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Myth 1: Carpal tunnel syndrome mostly affects the hand and wrist of human beings

    It is not at all true that carpal tunnel syndrome only affects the wrist and hands. However, apart from the hands and wrist, the carpal tunnel pain also radiates from the neck and move towards the arm and shoulder region. Moreover, sometimes, it becomes difficult to analyze where exactly the pain is developing in the human body.

    Amidst these scenarios, this syndrome is especially occurring due to injury and pressure on the median nerve, which runs from your forearm to the wrist and then hands. Furthermore, this fibrous tissue along with some repeated traumas become more fibrous and thick, which further lead to damage and inflammation.

    Myth 2: People can feel the carpal tunnel pain only while using the hands and wrists

    People who are suffering from this dangerous disease often wake up in the midnight due to the numbness and inflammation in the hands, which is mostly happening due to the compression of the median nerve. They immediately run to put their hands in  warm water for quick relief and to reduce the soreness impacts. The carpal tunnel pain can be felt anytime and anywhere in the world. There are no such concepts, which show that carpal tunnel ache will arise only when you will start to work with the wrist and hands.[3]

    Myth 3: Carpal tunnel is occurring only because of piano and computer keyboards

    If you also believe in such stories, then you are seriously committing a big mistake. The only truth behind this myth is carpal tunnel syndrome occurs due to repetitive motions and movements of the human hand, where constant pressure is being exerted on the wrist and palm. Apart from computer-related works and piano keywords, bicycle riding, golf, and tennis game are also imposing pain, and develop a weakness in the thumb and other fingers, expect the little one.

    Myth 4: Carpal tunnel damage is permanent

    In this technology-prone era, nothing seems impossible. And moreover, when it comes to carpal tunnel syndrome, then the damage is not permanent, only when you will take proper care of the pain before it becomes worse. There are certain chances of getting severe damages, but, if all depends on how you treat your disease within the stipulated time frame.

    Myth 5: Surgery is the last option today

    If you think that surgery is the last stop for carpal tunnel syndrome treatment, then you are sadly mistaken. Apart from using knives and scissors, there are several other ways to treat this harmful ailment today. One of the best methods is to use the wrist brace.

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

    However, carpal tunnel syndrome exercises are also feasible and beneficial for eliminating the pain and numbness from the hands and wrist. Using a wrist brace often seems daunting to a person as it is quite heavy, but, you can use it during the night time. Instead of directly reaching to surgery option, learn some hand exercises and moves, which you can implement in your daily schedule.

    Myth 6: Carpal tunnel syndrome affects mostly males

    Apart from all the myths mentioned above, this one is the funniest lies ever. Isn't it? There are no scientific facts and evidence, which can reveal that only males are prone towards the carpal tunnel syndrome. However, females are also included in this danger zone, who are quite addicted to heavy workloads and computer usage. According to the researchers, women who are above 50, are most likely to confront this deadly pain.

    Myth 7: Carpal tunnel syndrome mainly affects the middle-aged group and elderly women

    However, this myth is entirely false as age have the least relevance with the carpal tunnel syndrome. Moreover, age is just a mere factor, which is responsible for damaging the median nerve, but, young children and adults are also facing this malignant disease. There could be many reasons why young souls are confronting this ailment. So, in more precise terms, there are no obligations that only elderly women and the middle-aged group will face the numbness and soreness of carpal tunnel syndrome. Anyone can encounter this pain at any age.

    Myth 8: Carpal tunnel syndrome is never considered as an emergency

    Nerve damage and muscle wasting are regarded as medical emergencies that often go simultaneously with the carpal tunnel syndrome. Before things become worse and critical, it is important to treat the disease immediately from expects without using your brain. Individuals need to understand the signs of carpal tunnel syndrome, and shouldn't only depend on the surgery. Surgeries are impactful, but, there are alternatives, which can help you to reduce the pain and numbness from the body.











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