How do you know if you have carpal tunnel in your wrist?

If a sense of numbness, tingling or weakness is felt in the wrist, it is more likely that it is carpal tunnel in his or her wrist. A feeling of burning sensation, tingling, itching, numbness in the palm, thumb, index or middle fingers is the underlying symptom of carpal tunnel in the wrist.

A feeling of numbness in the fingers starting from late evening and running through the night is the initial symptom. Moreover, on getting up from bed in the morning, this feeling of numbness and tingling will spread from hands over to shoulder. When the condition is severe, a feeling of having less grip strength due to the shrinking of muscles in hand, leading to severe and worse pain could be felt. Slowly, you will start to feel a loss of strength and coordination to use the thumb to do any gripping or holding work, say for example pinching. We can see swelling around the wrist and a feeling of warmth in the tendons.