Can Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Be Avoided?

Carpal Tunnel in Hand

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

People suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome can easily explain how painful and severe the disorder is. However, this disease occurs in hands and wrists of the human body, which further gets transferred to the neck and arms as well. Are you aware of such facts how carpal tunnel ailment arises? Well, the carpal tunnel is like a narrow tunnel, which is being formed by the tissues and bones of the wrist.

Moreover, this tunnel protects the median nerve. The median nerve again helps the individuals to rotate their thumbs and hands freely without any itchy and tingling effect. You might be wondering how to detect the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. The tissues present in the carpal tunnel slowly get inflamed or swollen. So, when you press against the swollen area or median nerve, you will feel some abrupt sensation like electric shocks.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Moreover, you won't be able to twist your hands and fingers actively while suffering from the carpal tunnel disease. Amidst these scenarios, there are several myths and facts related to this topic, which are nowadays trending in society. But, every time, you need to believe in the facts instead of learning the lies. It doesn't matter where you are working and how you are performing the daily activities, carpal tunnel syndrome can appear at anytime and anywhere in the world.

Whether you are a football or basketball player, housewife, swimmer, bicycle racer, or athlete, lifting weights or typing on the keyboards, every individual is prone towards this particular condition. It is not so easy to detect the symptoms of the carpal tunnel until you are aware of certain facts, which are mentioned below.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms

  • More numbness and pain in the wrist and fingers, expect little one, during the night time.
  • The pain gradually increases when you will make a grip to hold objects.
  • The trouble facing while twisting the hands.
  • Weakness in the thumb.
  • Tingling and soreness on the fingers and arm.
  • Sensation problems.
  • Swelling in the hands.
  • Facing difficulty in distinguishing between the cold and hot.

Instead of only analyzing the symptoms, it is important to treat this disease well in time before things move out of your vision. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a familiar disorder, which often arises in the human body due to lack of care and workloads. If you think only workloads or heavy pressure on the median nerve is the only reason for carpal tunnel pain, then you are sadly mistaken. There are certainly various factors responsible for causing this deadly syndrome in human beings. Some of the most common causes are mentioned below. Have a look at them!

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Causes

  • Pregnancy
  • Fracture of your wrist or sprain
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Diabetes
  • Alcoholism
  • Older age
  • Hereditary
  • Tumour in the carpal tunnel
  • Chronic illness

Can your corporate job be blamed? In today's date, most of the employees are confronting this dangerous disease, which leads to severe ache and soreness in the wrists and hands. People who are assigned with the data entry tasks and piano pressing are often facing this syndrome. Heavy computer-related tasks are also considered as a major factor for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal Tunnel in Wrist

What will Happen Without Proper Treatment?

It is of no surprise that the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome come and go every time you put pressure on the median nerve. But, sometimes, the condition becomes worse when you give constant pressure and effort to the nerves. Pain will radiate more into the hands, wrist, and arms, and however, will reach to the shoulder. So, if you left the hands untreated, then this syndrome will start to affect the muscles, thumbs and other parts of the body as a result of which, surgery will be the last option to resolve the pain.[1]

Is it True that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome will Diminish on its Own?

Often people ask it is carpal tunnel disease curable? Can it go away on its own? Answering these questions is the most difficult job today because no one has the power to analyze what will exactly happen tomorrow. During the initial stages, sufferers try their best to cure the pain and numbness in the wrists, fingers, and hands by using the home remedies such as stretching as well as applying ice cubes.

Most of the time, things don't fall properly as you had dreamt. The pain will increase in the body and will lead to severe bad consequences if you do not eliminate the painful factors beforehand.  Perhaps, taking one day off from work and saying NO to your favourite sports will not resolve this matter until you get some serious and effective treatment from professionals. Meanwhile, always remember, the longer you will wait, the more pain you will get.  

Thus, it is impossible to determine whether carpal tunnel disease is curable or not, and moreover, can it vanish without any treatment or not. Everything depends on your pain and patience level, and however, on your working styles and daily lifestyle. According to the expert's advice, it is always recommended not to wait for a longer time in search of the best treatment. Rather, bring the symptoms immediately to the notice of doctors and cure the pain with medicine and exercises.

Moreover, it is always important to reduce the swelling in the hands and wrist. People suffering from this pernicious disease can tell you the real story how daunting carpel tunnel syndromes are to reduce. Medications and surgery are not the only two options to eliminate the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome. Rather, there are several others ways to decrease the swelling and numbness of this disease by using the home remedies.

Treating the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome at Your Home

Wear Carpal Tunnel Splints

Wrist brace

Often, people don't like to wear the splints on the wrist as it hurts a little bit and put pressure on the inflammation. However, inflammation and swelling are some of the common symptoms you can find in the people dealing with the carpal tunnel disease. Instead of wearing the wrist support splints in the daytime, you can use them in the night while sleeping. You will not feel much pain and irritation, unlike the daytime. If you have numbness in your hands, then the use of splints will be beneficial for you.

Take a small break from work

Due to the boisterous lifestyle, most of the people are facing this deadly disease. However, the pressure level is increasing day-by-day, which put more stress and strain on the hands and other body parts. Whether you are a guitarist or a corporate employee typing the keyboards frequently, carpal tunnel syndrome is nowadays common in every age group.

Excessive loads on the wrist and hands lead to this ailment, which further restricts your fingers and arm to work smoothly. Sometimes, stretching and hand twisting exercises will work in a better manner to improve the blood flow in the body, but, when the pain will be more, simple techniques will not be effective. So, instead of working all the time, you need to take a break from your usual schedule. Give your hands enough rest to regain power and energy.

Hot and Cold Treatment

For ages, people believe in the cold and hot treatments, which are no doubt beneficial. While using the hot water for the swollen hands and wrists, you need to take care of the temperature. High temperature or boiled water may affect your skin badly. So, take care of the water temperature and use up to that level, which is suitable for your body.[2]

However, on the other side of the fence, ice cubes are also impactful and will give immediate relief to the hands. You need to put the ice cubes in a towel so that you will not feel any type of unusual sensation. Every time, you need to consider the safety measures while using the cold and hot water treatment process.

Stretch it out now!

Stretches for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Quick hand and wrist exercises will help you to regain the strength, and moreover, will reduce the inflammation and soreness. You can start with simple exercises, which will not hurt you more. Gradually, with the rise in time, you can increase the complexity of the exercises to get better satisfaction. Repeat the exercises regularly. It would be better if you will practice the stretching exercises early in the morning. Don't give more pressure on the hands.


If things are not getting better with the treatment mentioned above methods, then you can go for NSAID such as ibuprofen and naproxen for immediate relief. But, make sure that you have consulted your doctor before taking any medicine. Things are not as simple as they appear to be. Avoid taking excessive painkillers, and try not to do those works, which are not supporting your health condition.


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