Why should I get a hiatal hernia surgery?

A hiatal hernia surgery can fix your hiatal hernia by pulling the stomach back into your abdomen and making the gap in your diaphragm smaller. As such, this surgical procedure may also involve rebuilding the esophageal sphincter surgically or removing the hernial sacs.

But, it’s to be noted that not everyone who is suffering from a hiatal hernia will need a hiatal hernia surgery. Typically, surgery will be reserved for patients with severe cases of hiatal hernia that have not responded to any other treatment.

Also, if you are experiencing serious symptoms due to your hernia, repair surgery may be the only option for you. Such serious symptoms may include: bleeding, scarring, ulcer, and shrinking of the esophagus.

When it comes to hiatal hernia, the repair surgery has an estimated success rate of 90%. However, about 30% of patients are reported to have their reflux symptoms reoccur.