Is there any way I can prevent myself from getting a hernia?

The underlying causes behind each type of hernia are different, therefore the steps that can be taken to prevent each one will also be different. However, all hernias can’t be prevented as there are certain factors that are out of our control. Examples include prior abdominal surgery and inborn muscle weakness. These can lead to hernia even if you take preventive steps.

Now, look at the ways to prevent each type of hernia:

Inguinal hernia:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Getting a sufficient amount of exercise
  • Incorporating high-fiber foods into the diet
  • Taking steps to avoid constipation
  • Avoiding heavy lifting or doing them carefully
  • Quitting smoke
  • Treating a persistent cough
  • Treating if there is an enlarged prostate

Incisional Hernia:

  • Not over exerting oneself
  • Taking steps to prevent constipation
  • Treating a persistent cough
  • Limiting the strain of sneezing
  • Treating allergies
  • Avoiding activities that put pressure on the wound
  • Using gel to promote wound healing
  • Avoiding or limiting sexual activities
  • Quitting smoke
  • Trying not to gain weight
  • Not becoming pregnant within 6 months of surgery