Is an umbilical hernia dangerous in adults?

An umbilical hernia will result due to the muscle weakness in and around the belly button region. It can make the belly button pop out. This can occur in people of all ages. However, an umbilical hernia is most commonly seen in females during and after their pregnancy period, and in individuals who are overweight.

An umbilical hernia, by itself, isn’t dangerous. However, there are chances that it will get entrapped, in a condition called incarcerated hernia. This situation could cut off the blood flow to the tissues in the hernia, thereby, leading to life-threatening conditions, such as gangrene or peritonitis. At this stage, the hernia will be called strangulated hernia. A strangulated hernia, if not treated properly, may grow larger in size and can become more and more uncomfortable.

So, in a majority of cases, a hernia repair surgery is recommended.