How can I identify if my child has a hernia?

You can identify if your child has a hernia by answering the following questions. If you suspect a hernia in your child, ask yourself:

  • Is the lump present when your baby is stressing, crying, coughing, or standing, but missing when he/she is sleeping and/or resting? This could be a case of a reducible hernia.
  • Is the lump present constantly, but with no other indications? Then, it could be a hydrocele.
  • Has the groin region all of a sudden started to swell? Do you see any discoloration of the protruding area or a "swollen" abs? Is your baby irritable, painful, constipated, or vomiting? These could be the indications of an incarcerated hernia, which calls for immediate medical attention. See your doctor as immediately as possible or take him/her to the emergency department.
  • Is the region swollen, red, inflamed, and immensely painful? Has the child developed a fever? These can be the symptoms of a strangulated hernia. Call a doctor immediately and then go to the emergency department.