Do inguinal hernias go away?

Hernias will not heal on their own. Only a hernia repair procedure can fix a hernia.

However, many times, patients with an inguinal hernia can be able to delay their hernia repair surgery for several months or even years. In some cases, a patient with a hernia may never require a hernia repair surgery at all, especially if it’s a small hernia. So, if your hernia is smaller in size and you do not experience any symptoms, or if your symptoms don’t disturb you much, you may talk to your doctor and choose to wait and watch for the symptoms.

However, over time, hernias will tend to get bigger in size as the muscle wall of your stomach gets weaker and weaker and more tissues bulge through. It’s due to this reason that several doctors recommend surgery as it will prevent a rare yet dangerous issue called strangulation.

Consult your doctor and start using a hernia belt.