Can you push an umbilical hernia back?

An umbilical hernia will result when part of your bowel or fatty tissue squeezes through a weak spot in the abdominal muscles close to your belly button.

In infants, most of the times, the hernia will close without treatment when he/she completes 1 year. And at times, the physician can be able to push the hernia back into the child’s abdomen.

Note: It’s quite important that only a trained physician is trying this. You should not try to push the child’s hernia by yourself.

On the other hand, surgery is usually the recommended treatment for adults and it can avoid potential complications, more particularly if your hernia enlarges or begins to hurt. Surgery for an umbilical hernia is a small and quick operation to push the hump back into place and also to strengthen your abdominal wall.

Surgery will involve an incision at the bottom of your belly button and will push the lump or bowel back into your abdomen.