SI Joint Belt - Sacroiliac Hip Brace - Firm

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Why you need the Firm Sacroiliac Hip Brace?

Our SI joint belt is designed for both men and women. This Sacroiliac support belt from Everyday Medical will provide you as comfort  treatment, preventative maintenance and overall a great healing tool for your sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

Sacroiliac joint pain can be really difficult to manage and that is why we made this hip brace to provide the best pelvic support with soft, comfortable and breathable materials. These belts are so comfortable you can easily forget you are wearing them once you take them off.   What's great about this slim - low profile design is the added elastic bands that allow you to find the perfect compression level and dial pressure property till the desired level is reached. Comfort and reduction in pain are the goals here.

If you sit down at your desk all day your SI area can become very painful. This Sacroiliac brace is perfect for everyday use. You can wear it under or over your clothes throughout the day.

  • Relieves Sacroiliac joint pain and minimizes inflammation. This belt helps stabilize  the pelvis and prevents excessive movement in the Si joint area.
  • This belt was made to fit comfortably throughout the day and night. The wraparound dual belt offers full control over hip area providing desired compression over specific areas.
  • Made with non- slip features. This sacroiliac joint belt is made with 2 rubberized straps that comfortably hold the brace in place; effectively minimizing the brace movement. This feature prevents the belt from sliding up and down while you walk, sit, stand, or doing any physical activity


  • Stabilizes hip and sacroiliac joint
  • Reduces inflammation to the area
  • Relieves SI joint pain
  • Restores functional mobility          
  • Prevents excessive movement of the Sacroiliac joint and aids in healing


Product Features

  • Provides maximum stabilization
  • Highly elastic and adjustable
  • Made with Breathable materials
  • Anti- slip strips to keep the brace in place
  • Curved back for extra comfort as your sitting and moving around
  • Strong Velcro to fit and close securely
  • Adjustable elastic straps for proper compression
  • Made with elastic and neoprene
*Results may vary from person to person