What does tendonitis feel like in the wrist?

Inflammation or injury caused to tendons and synovium in the wrist results in wrist tendonitis. Apart from this, arthritis and infection can also lead to wrist tendonitis. Overuse of wrist is the leading and significant cause for wrist tendonitis.

If the person is affected with wrist tendonitis, the familiar feeling will be pain and inflammation in the wrist. A feeling of prolonged pain is observed in the wrist. Tenderness and numbness can also be felt in the wrist.

In addition, wrist tendonitis leads to swelling in the wrist area. Also, stiffness is felt in the wrist which reduces the range of motion. If the condition is very severe and acute, sharp shooting pain is felt in the wrist. Due to the stiffness and rigidity, flexible movement of the muscles is dropped down, which decreases the strength of the hand and lessens the gripping or grabbing ability.