What does arthritis in the wrist feel like?

Arthritis in the wrist will give more pain and stiffness to our wrist, which is the typical symptom. It is not necessary that all the patients suffering from arthritis will have the same symptom. They vary based on the type of arthritis and the severity of the pain. Inflammation in the areas of the wrist, which is made up of many small joints, is another symptom of arthritis.

By destroying the cartilage of the wrist bones, arthritis will cause the bones to rub against one another. In addition, arthritis will make your wrists to feel very weak, with swelling and redness in the joints and restriction the motion of the wrist.

Some people will feel clicking, cracking or grinding sounds when they move the wrists. Over time, it will become harder to bend the writs or perform daily activities. Some may also have fatigue and lack of appetite, with abnormal discomfort in using the wrists. For some patients, the symptoms are not constant — but may come and go depending on their level of activity and other factors.

If the person has mild arthritis, it will be challenging for him or her to explain the problem to the doctor. They may feel pain in the wrist when they try to open a door or a bottle lid or when they grip something and try to twist them, some will feel pain in the early morning which will slowly reduce as the day progresses but will reappear by the end of the night.

Moderate arthritis will give you grief even when you are resting. Severe arthritis will lead to severe pain whatever activity one does. Physical deformity, decreased motion, severe constant pain, anxiety, depression, and inability to focus on anything are some of the significant symptoms of severe arthritis.