What does a broken wrist feel like?

Bones can be injured in two ways, namely fracture and dislocation. A break or crack in a bone is called a fracture. The scaphoid bone, which is one of the eight small bones in the wrist, gets easily fractured and it is the main reason for many wrist fractures. Wrist fractures are widespread both in sports and motor vehicle accidents. Wrist fractures usually occur during a fall on the stretched out wrist. The angle at which the wrist strikes the ground may determine the type of injury.

If you have a broken wrist, you will experience:

  • Acute  pain and softness
  • Staining and swelling
  • Difficulty in the movement of the wrists
  • Deformity in the shape of the wrist and arm
  • A crack or grinding noise at the time of injury
  • Bleeding in the cases where the bone has damaged the skin
  • Sometimes the bone may poke through the skin
  • Tingling and numbness

In addition to above all, due to the stress, shock, and pain of the break in the wrist bones, feeling of dizziness and fainting can also occur.