How long does it take for a wrist sprain to heal?

Human wrist is made of many bones which are connected by ligaments and the ligaments help in stabilizing and supporting the joint during the movement of hands and forearm. When a fall takes place, with an outstretched hand, sprains in wrists happen. A sudden impact or hit of the hand on the hard ground or the weight of the body getting transmitted to the hand makes the ligaments to get injured resulting in wrist sprain.

The severity of the sprain depends upon the force with which the fall takes place. Healing and recovery of the wrist sprain depend upon the severity of the wrist sprain. Pain and swelling, in the case of mild wrist sprains, will heal in two to three days, whereas moderate wrist sprains heal in a week. Recovery time varies from person to person, depending upon the health condition and age of the person. If the sprain is severe, it will take several weeks or months to get completely healed. If complete rest is given immediately to the sprained wrist, healing can be speeded up.