Do you need a cast for a sprained wrist?

Sprains injure the ligaments that clasp your bones together, and these ligaments are as necessary to your skeletal system as the bones themselves.

Those who suffer a wrist sprain would be expecting a less painful and challenging treatment schedule. However, for beneficial and quick healing and to reduce the swelling and pain in the case of wrist sprain, it is necessary to wear a cast. Wearing a cast will immobilize our forearm for weeks which is highly preferred for quick healing.

Casts are not always required for healing broken bones. If the sprain is mild and minor, it can be treated at home with therapy remedies, rest, and by avoiding risky activities. Whereas, if the sprain is so severe that even little movement of the affected or injured ligaments cause acute pain, permanent changes in the function of the wrist, and obstruct proper healing, then a cast is essential.

For severe wrist sprains, a cast is explicitly planned and designed in such a way to stop you from moving your wrist during the healing process. This helps in the healing of the damaged ligaments. It also keeps you from bending your wrist, which could apply more stress on them and slow down the healing process.