How can I treat sciatica naturally?

Until today, scientific backup for the claim that “any alternative treatment for sciatica will help” is lacking. Gentle exercises, yoga, and hot and/or cold packs may help soothe the symptoms. Following are the alternative therapies that may fight against sciatica pain:

  1. The Chinese needle-based therapy called acupuncture can improve the sciatica-related symptoms. This was corroborated by a study conducted in 2009.
  2. For Sciatica, chiropractic care had given mixed results. But, chiropractic care may help improve the functionality of your spine, thus reducing sciatica pain.
  3. Massaging the affected areas around the lower part of the spine, pelvis, leg, and thighs can improve the symptoms based on studies conducted.
  4. Simple stretches like lifting the leg and placing the right ankle on the left knee and vice versa can help reduce and/or eliminate the swelling and inflammation of the nerve by stretching the piriformis muscle.