Is there a maximum age limit for joint replacement surgery?

While it’s true that most of the joint replacement surgeries are performed in the people of 55 to 80 years, it’s to be understood that older or younger age isn’t a contraindication to any surgery. Rather, doctors are keener in your overall health. Therefore, a younger individual may be considered unsuitable for some surgeries, while an elderly individual can easily breeze through the evaluation.

When it comes to a joint replacement surgery, your orthopedic surgeon will focus on the following factors:

  • Your health status
  • Your physical strength
  • Your cognitive ability

You may be excluded from a joint replacement surgery if:

  • Have severe osteoporosis
  • Have an existing infection
  • Are a smoker
  • Have obesity
  • Are an alcohol consumer
  • Are a victim of substance abuse
  • Have a mental illness

Strangely, you may also be considered ineligible if you are too young. This is because the joint prostheses have a short lifespan and the doctors will often delay the joint replacement surgery as much as possible in order to make sure that the new joint can stay for the rest of your life.