Is there a cure for SI joint pain?

The good news today is that there are several options to treat the SI joint pain. Each of the treatment options will be delivered with the primary aim of relieving your SI joint pain while also improving the quality of life. But, before you start trying out any treatment, you must completely stop or avoid any activity that is causing the pain.

The next step towards relieving your SI joint pain will involve a mix of rest, medications, and exercises.


  • Acetaminophen can help your SI pain. But, it’s to be noted that this medication will not help reduce the inflammation.
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs will help reduce both pain and inflammation.

Make sure to consult with your doctor before taking the over-the-counter drugs. If these over-the-counter medications are not working for you, your doctor may prescribe corticosteroids. These can be taken orally or as injections.

Physical Therapy:

Physical therapy can help relieve the stress applied to the SI joints. There are some specific stretching exercises and range of motion exercises to help strengthen your SI joints.

Interventional Pain Management:

The interventional pain management methods, such as radiofrequency ablation and electrical stimulation can help relieve your SI joint pain.

SI Joint Brace:

The SI joint braces will wrap around the hips so as to hold the SI joints together, thereby reducing the pain.


To help relieve your SI joint pain, it’s crucial that you get enough rest and sleep. Try to sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours during the night because this will help you recover quickly. Also, you must make sure that you rest your body all through the day by either sitting or lying down to help relieve your SI joint pain.

Ice and Heat:

Applying ice and heat in turns will help relieve your SI joint pain, as well as swelling.


Surgery for SI joint pain is rare. If your pain doesn’t respond to any of the above non-surgical treatments, your doctor may recommend surgery.