Does joint replacement surgery work?

In a joint replacement surgery, damaged or diseased part of a joint will be removed and replaced with a new, man-made part. Typically, this would help get rid of the pain that you might be experiencing as the diseased cartilage and bone are removed. In addition, a joint replacement will enhance the functionality of your joints.

However, recovery and rehabilitation after a joint replacement surgery will vary from one person to another. The major factors that have roles to play in the success of joint replacement surgery include:

  • Physical condition
  • Bodyweight
  • Activity levels
  • Anatomy
  • Willingness to follow your surgeon’s instructions

Most patients will feel temporary pain in the replaced joint as the surrounding muscles will be weak due to inactivity and your body is adapting to the new joint. This pain should go away in a few months.

It’s to be noted that exercise is a critical part of the recovery. Please consult with your doctor to know about the specific exercises to help regain movement and strengthen the joint.

After a joint replacement surgery, most patients will be able to perform day-to-day activities easily. However, as with other major surgeries, there are risks associated with joint replacement surgery as well. Your orthopedic surgeon is the best person to determine if the replacement surgery is right for you. You should also keep in mind that the individual results may differ, although normally people can expect improvement in pain and mobility after joint replacement surgery.