Why should you buy a Knee Walker?

Why should you buy a Knee Walker?-Everyday Medical

A knee walker or knee scooter is a medical-mobility device that is specially designed for the senior citizens and for people who are dealing with injuries. The knee walkers are a safer and easy-to-maneuver alternative to crutches, on which cause discomfort to the user.

Who is it for?

To put it simply, anyone who is looking for a knee support for walking can use this. This includes the senior citizens and people who are suffering from injuries like:

  • Fracture
  • Diabetic wound or ulcer
  • Torn Achilles’ tendon
  • Sprained ankle
  • Surgery to the foot or ankle

The knee walkers can also be used by someone who is looking for a partial or complete immobilization of the foot while recovering from a wound or affixing prosthesis.

What are its benefits?
Considering the time when there were no knee walkers, today, the knee scooter invention has created a big difference. Previously, patients had no other choice but limiting or stopping their activities and use crutches/wheelchairs whenever needed. It was difficult to move freely to carry out daily activities.

Importantly, the use of crutches can cause major discomfort because the arms will support your body weight and the arms and upper back will be used for mobility, as opposed to the large muscles of the legs. The knee walkers have come to the rescue! Here, you can use utilize the walker wheels and leverage the larger leg muscles to move without any interference.

Leveraging the larger muscles means that the upper part of the body is not overused safe, thereby decreasing your body pain. The user is less likely to experience fatigue, which reduces the likeliness of re-injury. This is why the best knee walker for seniors is deemed as a safer alternative by the medical community. The most attractive benefit of buying a knee walker over your crutches is that your hands will be free when you are standing still. Thus, you are able to accomplish several daily tasks without depending on others to do it for you.

Knee scooter

Where to buy? Today, there are lots of sites that put their knee walkers for sale. The best knee scooter would have handlebars and the braking system, just as you could see on a bicycle. Some models, like FDA-approved DELUXE KNEE SCOOTER, will have a basket with your purchase. Looking for other aspects of adjustable height, comfort steering, warranty, and being foldable, will also help you pick the best knee scooter.