What can cause lower back pain?

Generally, back pain is a result of an injury or a chronic defect, spasms in muscle, strained muscles due to any sudden movements, careless body mechanics when lifting a heavy object from the ground. Sometimes, lower back pain may be due to various medical issues like spine cancer, a herniated disc, ruptured disc, arthritis, kidney infections, urinary tract infections, or any infections of the spine. Acute back pain can remain troublesome from days to weeks and any pain that lasts for more than three months is said to be chronic back pain.

Lower back pain was earlier considered to be age-related that individuals between the ages of 30 to 50 had been suffering from back pain. However, the present generation individuals complain of having a lower backache even at earlier periods. However, due to aging, some changes occur in the body. The fluid in the spine reduces as you age. Therefore, there will be less or no cushioning effect on the spine. The vertebral discs friction irritates. Muscle tone is also deteriorated that the spine is prone to be  injured a lot. It thus describes the importance of strengthening the muscles and following good body mechanics to prevent low back pain. Some common causes of a lower backache include slipping or falling, disc injury, disc dislocation, stenosis, abnormal spine curvatures, sciatica, slip disc, arthritis, long-term pain in the joints, spondylosis, and spondylitis.