What are the symptoms of low back pain?

Back pain changes from person to person, from being a sharp pain to a stabbing pain. It can be dull or Charley horse type of cramp or aching. The pain that you experience will depend on the underlying cause of your back pain. For some people, lying on back or using a recliner chair will make them feel better despite the cause of the pain. For some others, pain might increase while sitting, bending forward, bending backward, lifting the weight, walking, etc. For some others, back pain will follow a time course; it goes up or comes down.

Sometimes, the pain may radiate from the buttocks to thighs and hips, but not to the legs if a patient suffers from Sciatica. This is more common in the patients with a herniated disk. At times, patients may also feel numbness, tickling or weakness that radiates to the foot. It is also likely to have sciatica without back pain.