What are the non-surgical treatment options for lower back pain?

You can be relieved of your back pain without undergoing any surgery by using some medications. For this, first, you should have a complete checkup and consult a well-trained spine specialist for a perfect medical follow-up to get away from the pain. You should know the exact condition of your lower back before starting the medication.

A wide range of typical pain medications can be used to cure your lower back pain. However, there may be few side effects using this medication. Aspirin or acetaminophen can be taken to get relieved from pain, but it may cause side effects. You can also use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen or naproxen to get some pain relief. They also can reduce the swelling in your back. Narcotic drugs like codeine or morphine can be of good help to get away from the lower back pain. Steroids can be taken orally or as an injection directly into the spine. However, before going in for any of the above medication, we should know the power, limitation in usage, and the side effects or risks we may face by taking the drug. Also, we must take into attention the overall health of the patient and the intensity of the back pain.

Apart from drugs, if we add physical therapy in daily routine, the combined effect of both will help in getting relieved of the pain to a greater extent and help you do your day to day activities. Giving a massage with a hot water bag and ice can be of excellent use. Some prefer to do both alternatively, and they feel that it results in better relief. These massages will improve the blood flow, thereby reducing the stiffness in bones and in turn, they will reduce the pain.

Doing various physical exercises like weight lifting, stretching, yoga, cardiovascular exercises, and less intensive aerobic exercises can also help. A daily walk is also advisable to get relief from the pain. Usage of lumbar pain support braces will be of excellent help to get relieved of the back pain.