Is walking good for lower back pain?

There is scientific evidence published in the Spine Journal that walking can reduce back pain by up to 10 to 50 percent. Aerobic exercise had been proven to reduce the back pain. However, some people find it difficult to carry out some forms of exercise. Hence, if they encounter pain that is unbearable while doing some types of exercise, they are advised to stop doing them and gradually restart the practices. It is also highly recommended that people don’t avoid regular exercise. Hence, exercise walking is a way to benefit from a routine exercise, without worsening the pain in the lower back.

Exercise walking is a beneficial one. It can help strengthen the feet, hips, legs, etc. It can increase the stability of the spine, tone, and condition the muscles and aid in keeping the body at an upright position. Walking also nourishes the spinal structures, facilitating the circulation of fluids, pumping nutrients into soft tissues, and pushing out the toxins. Walking also improves the flexibility of the body. Regular stretching keeps the motor nerves intact and also upkeeps the body dynamics. The continuous stretching also helps in avoiding any irregular movements, reduces pain caused by osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. It can also strengthen the bone and manage the bone density loss. Walking also helps in maintaining the weight of the body.