How do you get rid of lower back pain when sleeping?

Patients with severe back pain enter into a vicious cycle of pain and sleeplessness. The less sleep can induce more pain, and more pain can bother the sleep cycle. While this cycle continues, other risk factors like the mattress that you sleep on, and the position how you sleep on the mattress, must be considered as influencing factors of the pain levels. Check your bed if you feel pain while sleeping or getting up. It is also mandatory to evaluate how you are feeling after getting up. If you feel numbness, stiffness or any pain in the joints when you wake up, you need a new mattress for your usage.

While purchasing a new bed, find the best one that suits you best, allowing your spine to rest in its natural alignment if you had been standing straight. A medium firm mattress is used to reduce lower back pain. A back sleeper prefers a stronger mattress, while a side sleeper prefers a softer one. Keep pillows at your leg or to your knees. This may help enjoy comfortable and painless sleep. Your sleeping position matters. Sleeping on your back is generally accepted but sleeping on your stomach is not. However, sleeping on your sides is better than sleeping on your stomach.