How can lower back pain affect me?

Any acute low back pain can cause a temporary hassle in one’s life but can naturally get resolved on its own within 2-4 weeks. If the symptoms of back pain had not settled or improved by then, then seeking the medicinal help is considered vital. LBP can have many psychological concerns, especially as the lower back pain becomes chronic; your sleep cycle gets disturbed. You will tend to avoid certain activities or situations because of fear of pain, this, in turn, will affect your routine life activities, your hobbies, and your social and even personal life.

Some patients may also avoid physical activity on the whole. Moreover, the body will find it tough to cope up with the subroutine habits. Additionally, you will tend to put on more weight which is again a vicious cycle, leading to back pain. As you face a prolonged illness, this affects your physical and mental health thus, causing depression.