Why does my knee hurt?

Knee pain is the most widespread grievance and issue related to both muscles and bones in the knee that makes the people visit the doctor often. Some people may suffer only mild or intermittent symptoms, whereas others may experience knee pain so much that it affects their daily activities or in some cases reduces the quality of life. The measure of knee pain you’re suffering from usually depends on the intensity of the condition or injury.

Some of the most recurrent problems causing knee pain are Bursitis, knee ligament injuries, osteoarthritis, meniscus tears, tendinitis, and runner's knee.

  • If there is inflammation in the Bursae, which are small pockets of lubricating fluids of the tendons to move freely along the joints, it will result in gradual or sudden and severe pain in the knees. The inflammation may be due to excess of calcium deposits in the Bursae.
  • Knee ligament sprains and/or tears are prevalent sports injuries resulting in severe knee pain and can occur in the following areas:
    • Anterior cruciate ligament
    • Posterior cruciate ligament
    • Medial collateral ligament

Such types of injuries can cause significant pain, and they require medical attention and in some severe cases, surgery.

  • People who haven’t properly treated an old knee injury get pain now and then or for some time. The typical knee pain felt by teenage people and athletes of all ages is anterior knee pain, which is the pain near the front of the knee. The most common cause of anterior knee pain is the injuries. This can be treated without surgery. Irregular exercise, poor training, and improper flexibility are a few reasons for the anterior knee pain problem.
  • PFS is one of the universal causes of anterior knee pain in people of all age groups. Frequently, we can notice athletes complain of throbbing "crunching" around or beneath the patella. Knee pain can also be due to continuous running covering a wide range, stair climbing or after prolonged sitting. Repetitive jumping is also one of the primary causes of this type of knee pain.
  • Wear and tear arthritis can cause severe knee pain in the men and women over the age of 50 years. The condition provokes pain from the loss of cartilage, which is the reason for the bones to rub together and produce intense discomfort. It may also result due to joint malformations present at birth, injuries caused during active sports or work conditions that require repetitive movements. Pain will be more when the person is active and will seem to be better at rest.
  • A torn meniscus is extremely widespread knee injury seen in adults, which may be caused due to any twist or rotation of the knee. Menisci are thin layers of cartilage that act as a cushion between the shinbone and thigh bone. If too much stress is placed on the knees, it results in the tear in the meniscus, thereby causing pain and hamper with the knees proper functioning. If you have this, you might also feel a block to knee motion and have trouble extending your knee fully.