When to see a doctor for knee pain?

Knee pain may be a result of bumps, hits or bruises during sports or normal activities. Sometimes, it may be due to prolonged use of knee - like walking and running a lot, standing for a long time, or long training days. Such knee pain will be mild or moderate, and it can reduce if rest is taken for a few days with regular ice therapy.

But if the knee pain is severe and persists for a longer time even after rest and ice therapy, and caused due to some injuries, then it will be better to see the doctor immediately and get a complete checkup done following which an evaluation plan and treatment will be framed.

A visit to the doctor and a complete check-up is essential if the following symptoms are seen in the body:

  • Long lasting pain for more than 48 hours
  • Heavy and critical pain in the knee joint for more than a day or two
  • Deep pain in the knee due to a tear in the meniscus and cartilage that protects the knee and hold the joint intact
  • Knee pain due to fracture, patella tracking injury or dislocation of bones in the joint
  • If there is trouble in the movement of the knee and motion is restricted and reduced due to pain
  • Any shakiness in the knee joint or any feeling that the knee may break down or collapse due to movement
  • If there is any torn in the ligament due to injury