Is walking right for arthritis in the knee?

Knee pain that is caused by osteoarthritis will hurt so much that we will not be willing to move. But if you are inactive, it will only aggravate your pain. On the other hand, if you walk and do exercises, it will reduce your pain making you feel a little better.

People affected with osteoarthritis may have some discomfort in the initial stages of walking, but once they get used to walking, their pain and discomfort will decrease and cease.

Walking helps in resolving your knee pain in several ways as follows:

  • They help in rebuilding the joints. Cartilage – a springy tissue that is seen in the joints, which functions as a shock absorber for the knees, will get damaged as the age goes up due to wear and tear. This results in pain, stiffness, and inflammation in the knee joints. Walking and doing exercises will help rebuild the joints by compressing the cartilage and strengthening it.
  • Walking strengthens the legs by building up the muscles and making it balance the weight of our body.
  • Walking also helps lose the weight, which in turn, reduces the pressure on the knees due to our weight and reduces the pain and swelling.
  • Doing exercises and walking help maintain bone strength. It also helps in improving your balance over your bodyweight.
  • Walking will also help in getting good sleep at night which is essential for an activity-filled day during the following day.
  • Keeping the muscles and tissues surrounding the joints stronger and active will help in supporting the bones and the joints. So, walking is very good for health.