Is Physiotherapy helpful with knee pain?

Physical therapy always aims in reducing the pain and swelling and stiffness in any bone or joints. In the case of knee osteoarthritis, taking a physical therapy can help in the improved and efficient functioning of knees. Getting a physical therapy can help you walk little strain-less, when at the same time helping in the functioning of knees, bringing about the flexibility of the knee. This is because physical therapy can help you bend, walk, kneel or even squat.

Generally, there are two types of physical therapy prescribed by the ortho-specialist:

They are active therapy and passive therapy. These two types of physical therapy make the knee pain and OA more manageable. In passive treatment, the therapist takes care of your knees and does major work. The common passive therapies are giving a cold or hot treatment to the injured or painful joint, giving hydrotherapy, etc.

In the case of active treatments, you are doing most of the physical work. First, you will be put to a group that does exercises. This group is always on the go but only under the supervision of trained people. Your therapist can take you through the major exercises done at home. It’s highly advised to always go for active physical therapy. This is because; passive treatments like IFT/ultrasound may or not work and have not been proven to be effective for knee pain.

In any case, you should have an open discussion with your trainer before starting the sessions. If knee pain still prevails for more than two to three weeks or is due to major recent trauma, the doctors will advise not to go for physical therapy.