Is knee pain serious?

Yes, knee pain is serious.  It will affect your daily activities. If unattended in the initial stage, it will lead to immobilization of your leg. The following conditions will lead to rigid immobilization in your knee if your knee pain is unattended to:

  • If you experience excessive or abnormal swelling, then immediate attention to the knee pain is to be given.
  • If there is any deformity noticed in the knee, it also leads to severe arthritis or can be due to dislocation or fracture of the knee bones.
  • If you hear a pop up sound when you move your knee, it means something is out of place resulting in the displacement of bones or ligament tear injury. It also leads to swelling and imbalance.
  • If the movement of the knee is felt to be remarkably higher than average level, even though you have taken only a few steps, then it is said to be joint instability which results in acute pain. You will have a sense of buckling or folding the knees while walking or lifting the weight.
  • It will be hectically painful to lift even your weight with the sore knee. Not able to bear weight following a knee injury could be due to a:
  1. Fracture
  2. Bone contusion
  3. Cartilage injury
  4. Ligament tear
  • If the knee pain is left unseen or unattended to, it will result in acute leg pain, and you cannot straighten your leg.
  • If the knee pain is because of arthritis, you will find it very difficult to bend or stretch the knees.
  • Overall, if the knee pain is unattended to, it will completely stop the movements of legs; thereby leaving you succumbed to a chair or bed, affecting our daily activities.