How do you get knee pain to go away?

Arthritis in the knee will make it very difficult to do our regular day to day activities. It will be excruciating to climb stairs. Some kinds of arthritis affect children too, while mostly adults are severely affected by arthritis.

Getting the knee pain to go away:

  • Decreasing or losing the weight is the primary and foremost remedial treatment for getting rid of arthritis. A reduction in weight can lower the risk of damage to the knee, thereby reducing arthritis.
  • The limitation of rigorous day to day activities involving knee and legs, like too much of walking, climbing stairs often, standing for a long time, and walking on hard surfaces, can help reduce the knee pain.
  • Some physiotherapy exercises will be beneficial to prevent the massive damage due to arthritis.
  • Aquatic exercise is beneficial for reducing the suffering due to knee pain.
  • Intake of joint supplements as advised by the doctor can help control the pain due to arthritis, but keep in mind that this will not help in regenerating the bone cartilage.
  • Strengthening of muscles in the knee joint will help decrease the pain in the knee. Preventing the weakening of muscles is very important to keep the knee pain in control and to avoid additional damage to the joints.
  • Intake of anti-inflammatory medications as per doctor’s advice without exceeding the prescribed dosage will be helpful in treating the pain, tenderness, and swelling in the knee.
  • Taking hyaluronic acid injections as per the advice of the doctor in the painful knee will help lubricate the joints. This acid is naturally found in the fluid of the knee, and as a person is affected by arthritis, the natural hyaluronic acid present in knees become ineffective and thinner. A hyaluronic acid injection can help reduce the pain and get relieved of it for a period of three to six months.