How to Use the Slim Umbilical Hernia Belt

Hernia belt

How to apply the hernia belt

1.Align the belt properly. Position belt over your abdominal area. The black straps in the middle denote the outer side of the belt and should point outwards.

2.Pull elastic bands as image suggests.

3. Position the  silicon pad over your hernia and stick it to the inside of your belt.

4.Overlap the straps and tighten it with the velcro.


This belt is suggested for men and women with a hernia.


How to measure:

Use a soft measuring tape and measure around your the largest circumference around your abdominal area.

If circumference is 24- 38 inches order the standard size

If circumference is 390 52 inches order Large size


How to clean:

Hand wash your brace in cold water with mild soap. Squeeze out the dirty water and allow your brace to soak. Rinse brace until there is no more soap. Hang the brace to air dry.