How to use Post Surgery Binder

How to apply the Post Surgery Binder:

1. Position the binder behind your back.

2. Hold both ends of the binder. Hold the left side with your left hand and right side with your right hand.

3. Fold the left side over your stomach and pull tight.

4. With your right hand pull the right side of the binder over the left side.

5. Secure the velcro and close the binder at your desired tightness level.

The post surgery abdominal binder is suggested for men and women recovering from abdominal surgery, postpartum, abdominoplasty, hysterectomy, gastric bypass, bariatric surgery, ovarian cystectomy, liposuction, or nephrectomy

How to measure:

Use a soft measuring tape to measure around the largest circumference in your abdominal/ stomach area.

If your abdominal circumference measures from 24-37 inches order size S/M

If your abdominal circumference measures from 38 - 52 inches order size L/XL

How to clean:

Hand wash the binder in cold water with soap or detergent. Do not use bleach. Hang the binder and air dry.