How to use the Rib Belt


Rib belt

How to apply the rib belt:

1. Position the belt behind your back.

2. Hold both ends of the belt. Hold the left side with your left hand and right side with your right hand.

3. Fold the left side over your stomach and pull tight.

4. With your right hand pull the right side of the belt over the left side.

5. Secure the velcro and close the belt at your desired tightness level.

This brace is suggested for people with injured, fractured, or broken ribs.

How to measure

Measure around your ribs( between your chest and above your midsection) with a soft measuring tape

Care Instructions:

Hand wash your posture corrector in cold water with mild soap. Squeeze out the dirty water and allow your brace to soak. Rinse brace until there is no more soap. Hang the brace to air dry.