How to use the Posture Corrector

posture corrector

How to apply the Posture Corrector:

1. Slip the shoulder straps over your shoulders, and slip arms through the sleeves. As if you are putting on a backpack.

2.Adjust the under arm adjuster clips to tighten the straps.

3. Close the waist belt around your waist/ stomach. Fasten the belt but do not over tighten.

4.Adjust the other two waist fastener straps to achieve the desired tightness.

You should feel your shoulders gently pulled back. If you experience under arm pinching, slightly loosen the shoulder straps.

This brace is suggested for people with bad posture or hunchback.

How to measure:

Measure around the belly button area with a soft measuring tape to determine your abdominal circumference. 

Small 25- 32 Inches

Medium 30- 38 Inches

Large 36- 42 Inches

Extra Large 40 - 48 inches


Care Instructions:

Hand wash your posture corrector in cold water with mild soap. Squeeze out the dirty water and allow your brace to soak. Rinse brace until there is no more soap. Hang the brace to air dry.