How to use the plantar fasciitis night splint

How to apply the plantar fasciitis night splint:

1. Undo Velcro Straps

Loosen up outer top and bottom long straps by undoing velcro and removing both straps out of the hook buckles. Both long straps should be hanging loose.

2.Undo Inner Neoprene Straps

Undo both top and bottom inner straps. Everyday Medical logo on the strap denotes the top of brace that should go around your ankle.

3.Line Up Brace with Foot

Line up brace as depicted in the diagram and bend metal bar with some force so that it is around 90-130 degrees. You will re-adjust this later on.

4.Redo if Necessary

If the metal bars angle is not comfortable or not pulling the toes up enough start again with step #1 and re-adjust the splint angle by bending the metal bar accordingly. Also if needed re-tighten both sets of straps. The goal is for the toes to be pulled up slightly.

 Suggested for men and women struggling with plantar fasciitis or arch pain.


How to measure:

Measure around your ankle with a soft measuring tape. The brace is one size fits most fitting ankle size 6.5 - 15 inches. Measure around the top of your foot to the bottom of your foot. The brace fits a foot circumference from 6.5 to 13 inches.


How to clean:

Hand wash your brace in cold water with mild soap. Squeeze out the dirty water and allow your brace to soak. Rinse brace until there is no more soap. Hang the brace to air dry.