How to use the Ergonomic Hernia Belt

hernia belt

How to apply the hernia belt:

1. Position the belt over your abdominal area.

2. Place the pad over the affected area. Attach the compression pad to the inner part of the curved section of the hernia belt, alongside the velcro strip.  Make sure that the raised part of the pad is placed directly against your hernia site or incision wound to prevent discomfort, pain, and protrusion

3. Overlap  the bands and fasten it. Once the curved part of the belt and compression pad rest against the herniated area, using your  right hand overlap the right band over and around your back towards your left side then back around over the curved part of the belt (or towards it) - secure with the Velcro. If the pad isn’t resting against the hernia site, open the belt and readjust

4. Once the pad is in its place and you have secured the belt, simply put on your clothes and go on about your day. You can wear this over a t-shirt or under a shirt.

This belt is suggested for men and women struggling with a hernia.


How to measure:

Use a soft measuring tape and measure your abdominal area.


How to clean:

Hand wash your hernia belt in cold water with mild soap. Squeeze out the dirty water and allow your brace to soak. Rinse brace until there is no more soap. Hang the brace to air dry.